Kid’s BJJ goes to the Air Base

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Thanks to Mr Steve Kensick, Who took the kids class and parents to the Air Guard base today to see the plane and show us around. It was a very cool experience and we got to see a lot of very interesting things. You have quite a cool job there, Steve! Thanks again for the fun day!

A Few Reminders for the Chicago Open!

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Don’t forget that early registration for IBJJF Chicago spring tournament ends on January 23rd. Don’t wait till the last minute, if you know you are competing, save yourself some cash and register early!

Also, there is an Order going in for BJJ religion gis very soon. If you need a legit competition gi, please let me know ASAP. We also have several BJJ religion and gameness gis in stock if you would prefer those instead. Don’t forget that gis must fit proper, be clean, and have patches only in the proper areas. Don’t show up and risk getting disqualified or having to scramble for another gi. Please plan ahead!

What’s your New Year’s Resolution?

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Was your New Year’s resolution to get in shape?  To start a Martial art like Brazilian Jiujitsu or Muay Thai Kickboxing?  To start a career in Mixed Martial Arts?  Or maybe you think New Year’s Resolutions are a cliche?  Well, no matter what your thinking is on the subject, here are the facts!  There has never been a Better time to join Twisted Fitness!!!!

Come on in (The gym is warm!) and start out brand new with our BJJ fundamentals program.  We are starting the lessons from the beginning to kick off the New Year.  Maybe you have already been training Jiujitsu and are looking to expand your game?  We are the top team in Madison for competitive BJJ and have an impressive competition team to help you grow to a new level of ability.

Or try your hand with our Muay Thai classes and learn from some of the most experienced kickboxing coaches in the Midwest.

Whether you are looking to be the next World Champion or you just want a fun and exciting workout, we have what you are looking for.

Come in now to Lock in your membership at our 2014 rates.  Rates are going up for 2015 but you until the end of January to lock in our old rate for up to one year!!!!

Don’t spend another year regretting what you didn’t do, stop in or contact us now to find out about our free week trial and see what you have been missing!

Holiday Schedule this week!

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Schedule for the week.

Monday Dec. 29th -Normal Schedule
Tuesday Dec. 30th – Normal Schedule
Wednesday Dec. 31st -7:00 a.m Fundamental BJJ
-11:30 a.m. intermediate BJJ
-4:00 Kid’s BJJ
-5:00 Gym closed for New years eve!!!!
Thursday January 1st – Gym is closed-Happy New year
Friday January 2nd – All classes resume as normal!!!!!!!!

Be Ready to start working hard, the Chicago Spring Open is only 3 months away!!!!

New Belts (And Stripes) for the Kids

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Congrats to Eric Kensick and Nikola Dabetic for reaching the Rank of Gray/White belt in Kid’s BJJ class. This was a historic moment for us at Twisted Fitness, as these are the first kid’s in our program to get a belt promotion. Very well deserved! Congrats also to Reuben Kingslien for receiving his first stripe, he is new but is working very hard! Way to go everyone!

Congrats to Jonathon, our newest BJJ blue belt!

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Congrats to Jonathon Santana, our newest BJJ blue belt. Jonathon earned his blue belt last Friday. In light of the seminar, we wanted to wait to announce it until today, so he gets the recognition he deserves. Jonathon has already received numerous medals competing as a white belt, we are looking forward to more great things from him!

Great Seminar with Lucas Lepri

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Great Seminar today with 2 x Black Belt World Champion, Lucas Lepri. Thanks Lucas, for bring some great Jiujitsu to teach us! Thank you to everyone who came to support the Seminar and Alliance. We appreciate it!

No BJJ Saturday, Lucas Lepri Sunday!

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No BJJ class Saturday, so that we may prepare for the Lucas Lepri Seminar on Sunday at 10:00 a.m. SHARP! The seminar will be packed with high level talent and there will be plenty of Black Belts on the mat to train with! Here is a video of Lucas beating 2 time middleweight world champion Otavio Souza. Lucas is a lightweight, by the way!

Our BJJ Kids are doing Great!

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Congrats to Niko and Eric for competing in NAGA this weekend! Niko took 2nd place and Eric fell just short of a Medal by a refs decision. This was Eric’s first tournament and Niko’s second. They keep getting better every day……All of the kids do!

Our Newest BJJ purple belt, Andy Normington!

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It was really a great day today. I had the pleasure of testing and promoting a great friend and training partner in Andy Normington! Andy is one seriously hard working guy and there is no doubt that he deserves this promotion. I know there are quite a few blue belts taking a sigh of relief today that he has moved out of their division! Congrats Andy, very well deserved.