Closed for Labor Day

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Class will run as normal on Saturday, but we will be closed Monday for Labor Day. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Results from Chicago Open

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Here is Sonya’s first match as a brown belt, after both a total hip replacement and ACL repair over the last two years. She ended up first in her weight class and second in the brown belt open class!

Other Results:

Nick Lauer – 2nd in the purple belt master’s division.
Mike Rakauskas – 2nd place Men’s blue belt no gi

Congrats to everyone who competed, this is a very tough tournament with a lot of very good competition. We are always proud of everyone who puts it on the line and goes out to test their skills at the toughest tournament in the Midwest!

Kids are getting better at Brazilian Jiujitsu every day!

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Congrats to Niko, Eric and Henry for receiving another stripe on their belts. Soon it will be time to test them to the next belt. We are so proud of them, they work very hard and are really starting to show some astonishing technique!

Phil Rohs gets his Brazilian Jiujitsu Blue belt

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Congrats to Phil Rohs for achieving the rank of Blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) . Phil has worked very hard for this and we are all very proud of him!

New Brazilian Jiujitsu Blue belts!!!!

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Congratulations to (from left to right) Trent Martin, Aaron Reich, and Bryan Myers on earning their Blue belts in BJJ! These guys have worked very hard and have showed in the Gym and in competition that they definitely deserve this promotion!

“Noon” Class, Working hard!

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The 11:30 a.m. Fundamentals classes have been fantastic lately. Great Attendance and everyone is working hard! What are you waiting for, get in here!

New Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Blue belt, Jim Turk

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Congrats to Jim Turk, who received his Blue belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu this weekend! Jim is Legally Blind, ye that has not stopped him one bit from learning the techniques. His blue belt test was nearly flawless!

Closed for Memorial Day

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Don’t forget we are closed for Memorial Day, Monday May 27th 2014 all day. All other days will remain normal during the holiday weekend! Thanks!

Sonya wins Backyard meet, benches 225lbs

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12 Medals at NAGA 2014

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Congrats to all the guys who competed at NAGA this past weekend. 12 medals total on the day! 7 Gold, 2 Silver, and 3 Bronze. Nice job guys

Competitors were:
Nick Lauer
Jason Schmidt
John Peterson
Mike Rakauskas
Eddie Flick
Trent Martin
Drian Hays
Nikola Dibetic

Congrats to everyone for all their hard work and success!