Our Newest BJJ purple belt, Andy Normington!

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It was really a great day today. I had the pleasure of testing and promoting a great friend and training partner in Andy Normington! Andy is one seriously hard working guy and there is no doubt that he deserves this promotion. I know there are quite a few blue belts taking a sigh of relief today that he has moved out of their division! Congrats Andy, very well deserved.

Congrats to John Martinez, our newest BJJ Blue belt

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Congrats to John Martinez our newest BJJ Blue Belt. John has a great grasp of the fundamentals and performed another perfect test. Our recent belt tests have been a testament to how hard our students work to master the fundamentals of BJJ, it is great to see all the hard work pay off!

Sam Katz-Our newest BJJ Blue Belt!

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Congrats to Sam Katz on his promotion to Blue belt! Sam came from another gym and has put in a lot of time and effort to get his techniques correct and it showed in a flawless test! Nice job Sam!

Congrats to our newest BJJ Blue belts!

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Congrats to out two newest Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) blue belts, Justin Enright and Farooq Burney. They have both worked very hard to achieve their blue belts, Congrats guys!

Lucas Lepri Seminar-November 9th

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Announcing our Seminar with Lucas Lepri on November 9th, 2014. Lucas is one of the best Jiujitsu practitioners on the World, come learn his techniques from the man himself! You won’t want to miss this. Here is the semi-finals match from this year’s world championships (In which Lucas won his 2nd world championship as a blackbelt). Lucas shows why he is one of the best guard passers around.

Great Showing this weekend at Combat Corner!

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Big Congrats to Andy Acker, Kristin Shimabuku, and Jonathon Santana, who all competed at the Combat Corner Tournament this weekend. Results were as follows:

Andy Acker -Advanced Gi Gold medal
Andy Acker – Advanced No Gi- Gold Medal
Andy Acker – Advanced No Gi Open Weight- Silver Medal

Kristin Shimabuku -Beginner No Gi Open Weight – Bronze Medal
Kristin Shimabuku – Women’s White Belt – Silver Medal

This was Kristin’s first tournament!!!! Great Job!

Jonathon Santana- Men’s No Gi- Bronze Medal
Jonathon Santana- Men’s White Belt -Gold Medal

Jonathon’s first Gold and he looked amazing!!!!

Great Job guys, we are always proud of the people who put it all out there and go compete!

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It’s that time of year again,

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Closed for Labor Day

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Class will run as normal on Saturday, but we will be closed Monday for Labor Day. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday!

Results from Chicago Open

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Here is Sonya’s first match as a brown belt, after both a total hip replacement and ACL repair over the last two years. She ended up first in her weight class and second in the brown belt open class!

Other Results:

Nick Lauer – 2nd in the purple belt master’s division.
Mike Rakauskas – 2nd place Men’s blue belt no gi

Congrats to everyone who competed, this is a very tough tournament with a lot of very good competition. We are always proud of everyone who puts it on the line and goes out to test their skills at the toughest tournament in the Midwest!

Kids are getting better at Brazilian Jiujitsu every day!

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Congrats to Niko, Eric and Henry for receiving another stripe on their belts. Soon it will be time to test them to the next belt. We are so proud of them, they work very hard and are really starting to show some astonishing technique!