Ed “Fast Eddie” Flick gets the Gold!!!….And a new belt!

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Congratulations to Eddie for his domination of the Featherweight White belt division at the IBJJF Chicago Open this weekend. Ed showed relentless tenacity and superior skill as he tore through the division, dominating every match. Then, Eddie was surprised on the podium once more, receiving his blue belt just after his gold medal! Eddie has worked very hard for all of this and it is well deserved! Way to go Eddie!

IBJJF Chicago Open Results

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Tournament Results from IBJJF Chicago Open.

We are back from the toughest tournament the Midwest has to offer. As always, the competition was fierce and we all worked very hard to prepare ourselves. Once again, we proved that hard work does pay off!

Marla Fish -1st Place Women’s Purple belt heavyweight
Ed “Fast Eddie” Flick-1st Place Men’s White belt Featherweight
Kennan Crothers- 1st place Men’s Master 2 Blue belt NO GI
Declan James- 2nd place Men’s Master 2 Purple belt Middleweight
Mike Rakauskas- 2nd Place Men’s blue belt lightweight
Andy Normington – 2nd Place Men’s Master Blue belt Heavyweight
John Romary -3rd Place Men’s Master Purple belt No GI
Aaron Reich -3rd Place Men’s Master White belt Lightweight

EVERYONE that competed looked great, even if they didn’t medal. We can’t always win, but when we don’t, we learn! We saw dramatic improvements in everyone since the fall tournament which just shows we are moving in the right direction!

It wasn’t quite First, but I’ll bet it was close!

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We came a VERY CLOSE 2nd Place in the Martial Arts category in the Madison Magazine “Best of Madison” 2014.  Thanks to all of the people who supported and voted for us.  We will definitely win first next year!  Either way, we all know who the REAL “Best Martial arts Academy in Madison” is!!!!  Thanks to all the students who create a great training environment for their team mates and work hard to have the best place to train in Madison!

Congrats to Nick

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Congrats to Nick “Lunchbox” Lauer for his wins at the Two Rivers submission tournament this weekend.  I think the Eagle on top is quite appropriate!  Way to go!


Congrats to Eric Bauman on his BJJ blue!

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Congrats to Eric “Hotbody” Bauman on his blue belt. Eric has been working very hard and put in more hours than almost anyone I can think of to earn this blue belt. Countless classes and many privates later, Eric had a great test and looked like a perfect Blue belt. Congrats Eric!

Daniel Timbie goes Blue in Brazilian Jiujitsu

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Congrats to Daniel Timbie for receiving his Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) Blue Belt in Brazil. Daniel is working very hard down there and we can’t wait to have him back! (Daniel is pictured 3rd from the left in the back row, sporting his new belt)

Congrats to Nikola!

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Congratulations to Nikola Dabetic on receiving his first stripe in Brazilian Jiujitsu! Watch out for this kid, he is very tough and is going to accomplish great things in this sport! Congrats Niko!

Andy “Shaggy” Acker Recieves BJJ Brown Belt

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Big Congratulations to Andy “Shaggy” Acker for his promotion to Brown Belt in Brazilian Jiujitsu on Saturday! Shaggy is one of the most accomplished grapplers in the Midwest, competing at the highest level of Grappling and winning many titles along the way. Shaggy has demonstrated not only his phenomenal technique on the mats, but also a great willingness to help all of his team mates grow and train to become the best they can be. We are very proud and know that Andy will continue to carry on what we believe is the best Brazilian Jiujitsu that Wisconsin has to offer!

Kali Certification!

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Congrats to all our new Level one Kali practitioners! Our Instructor Troy Lepien tested Aaron McCarty, John Vanphraveng, Mike Rakauskas, Sophie Lepien, and Daniel Timbie and they all passed with ease!

Daniel is pictured here separately because unfortunately he had to test earlier than everyone else due to his departure! Daniel is now living in Sao Paulo, Brazil for the next 6 months and training with one of our founders, Fabio Gurgel at the Alliance Sao Paulo Academy!

FREE Women’s Self Defense

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Don’t forget that our FREE women’s self defense class starts tonight. This class is free to all women who would like to learn some basic self defense. It will run every Wednesday from 6:15-7:00 p.m. Please contact Twisted Fitness if you have any more questions!